The Artist Bar 
Join us in creating Art, together we can
 make the world a more beautiful place!
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 What to expect at the Party:
        You should arrive early, give yourself  about 15 min prior to your scheduled class start time,
        find your seat, pump out your paint and give yourself a moment  to relax as 
       the class starts promptly at the designated time.
       The art educator will explain how she will go about teaching  the painting 
       steps and how the evening will proceed, there will  be two to three "dry" breaks
       where you can view all the different works and mingle. 
       It is great fun - painting, learning , creating and socializing, in a few hours  you will go
        home with your very own beautiful painting.
  What to wear: 
            Wear something comfortable that you can roll your sleeves up and paint in,
          something that if you get paint on you will be o.k.  with.
          If you would like, bring an old shirt to put on over your clothes.
          The paints we use are water base but it is still paint.


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